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Dr Rena Sacca

Dr Rena Sacca is a Family Physician-GP and an experienced Aesthetic Medicine Doctor with an MSc degree in Aesthetic Medicine. She graduated from Patras University Medicine School. She completed her training and gained board certification in Family Medicine completing the exams to the Board of Hellenic Scientific Society of General Practitioners (General Practitioner Specialist).

She completed her training as a registrar for four years at the University Hospital Herakleion, Crete. She also holds a Master's Degree, MSc from the Open University in Health Care Administration. During that time she gained a postgraduate certificate in pre-hospital emergencies of the National Health Centre of Emergency Help. She owns a Master Degree of Science, Health Administration from the Hellenic Open University, Greece. In 2015 she went to the prestigious Queen Mary’s University of London, UK and got a Postgraduate Certification in Aesthetic Medicine (Merit Award).

In 2020 she got her Master's Degree, MSc in Aesthetic Medicine from the Queen Mary's University of London UK. Since 2017 she is a medical aesthetic treatment trainer in collaboration with the company IconBiomed in Athens. The training hands-on seminars are provided to doctors.

Dr Rena Sacca is also proud to be a gold member of International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics.

Customer Care

Dr Sacca will always be honest with her patients, tailoring each treatment to their exact needs and budget and she endeavours to be available to discuss any concerns they might have. She provides continuous one-to-one care and are proud of our extremely loyal client base (most of whom come via word of mouth).


Dr Rena Sacca was and continues to be amazed by the potential of non surgical treatments, working in conjunction with our natural rejuvenation mechanisms, to turn back the clock, leaving patients looking and feeling significantly younger. For Dr Sacca aesthetics is more than just performing the procedure itself – it is the ability to understand what it is an individual wants to achieve and working together to create a treatment program that gives a natural result.


Dr Rena Sacca is trained and very experienced in all of the procedures she practices and have performed hundrends of treatments for satisfied patients. She also shares her knowledge with other doctors as a trainer in workshops with the Icon Med Solutions Company.