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About us

ElixirMed is an Aesthetic Medical Clinic with high clinical care and professionalism in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging.

"Our goal is to help you look and feel wonderful.."

If you can not imagine yourself entering surgery come to us to learn about the most popular high quality non surgical therapies with exceptional results.

ElixirMed is the best choice if you want to promote your beauty without surgery.

Many people the younger they look the better they feel. However, the age is an unstoppable procedure in which as the body ages, the same happens with our skin and our external appearance.

Age, hormones, exposure to the sun, smoking, all play a role in our appearance of lines and wrinkles.

With the passing of time:

  • The skin becomes more sensitive and less elastic
  • The hyaluronic acid – natural component of the skin which absorbs water and hydrates the skin, it decreases.
  • The sebaceous glands become less active and the skin more dry.
  • The face also looses its fat, looks loose and without the youthful glow, colour and volume.
  • While these changes occur, the gravity also pulls the skin downwords leading to folds and loosening of skin.

Non surgical medical aesthetic therapies come to restore all damage caused by age and external factors, with safety and effectiveness.

Dr Rena Sacca who is an experienced aesthetic doctor will tailor the treatments to your needs and budget, discussing any concern you might have.